Sweet Bres Boulangerie

We Produce bread, rolls & pastries,

made with locally sourced ingredients (where possible) using No added preservatives, no added chemicals, and No artificial food colouring.

Sweet, simple goodness in every bite!

Fresh Baked, Locally Sourced Ingredients, Locally made from scratch, Green Packaging

Our breads are made fresh the day you buy them. We pride ourselves on selling freshly made products so you can enjoy. Bread, rolls & pastries they way they were meant to be eaten - fresh made.

Only available locally, we enjoy serving you directly through the market, by delivery & pick up on site. We love being part of the local market, and local community of small businesses & entrepreneurs.

We try to offer green packaging where possible. Items will be packed using food grade brown paper & Twine. You can always ask for plastic if you desire. Occasionally you may see your items in plastic - this is usually due to may be due to making sure that the products gets to you in the best fashion possible.