What's on the menu?

 Signature Specialty Breads

Braided Wreath $12   Large loaf $10     Regular loaf $8    Small loaf $6    Baguette $

 Regular Rolls $4 for 10

Rainbow Colours (made with purees & ground dehydrated vegetables, fruits, & berries)    

*Cinnamon Swirl (loafs only - see Specialty Rolls & Pastries for Rolls)

*Babka (loafs only - see Specialty Rolls & Pastries for Rolls)

*Tropical Swirl (Pineapple, mango & coconut swirl - see Specialty Rolls & Pastries for Rolls)

 *Cheese Bread (Specialty rolls & pastries for sticks/rolls - types vary)

Ginger giraffe (Ginger bread with small pieces of candied ginger, and a coating of cocoa-ginger)

Cranberry & Orange

 Sweet Bres Signature Breads

Large loaf $9     Regular loaf $7    Small loaf $5    Baguettes $6   

Large Rolls 6 for $5    Bread Sticks: $8 for 10 (Only available in Sundried Tomato & Herb only)

Harvest Struan (Multi-grain)

CROWM / CROW (Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal Wheat with maple syrup - both white & whole wheat available)

Morning Glory

Banana Sandwich (this is not banana loaf, it is a white bread with puree banana in it)

Hawaiian Sweet (Pineapple & ginger)

Sundried Tomato & Herb

Wakey, Wakey (White, cocoa & coffee marbled)

Specialty Rolls & Pastries

Specialty Rolls 6 for $10,    Specialty sticks 6 for $8  Individual Rolls/pastries $3 (Market only)

Mini donuts 1ea = $0.50,   5pack=$2,  10pack=$4   15pack=$6

Small Donuts/Small Toaster Pastry   1ea=$0.75  5pack=$3,   10pack=$6   15pack=$9  

Large Strudel $40     Small Strudel (individual) $7     Snowflake $15   Fococcia $8

Cinnamon Sticky Rolls (optional frosting on rolls, or  on the side)

Cheese Twist Rolls (check for current flavours)

Cheese Sticks (check for flavours)

Pain au Chocolat


Mini Danish (sweet or savoury)

Strudels - check for current flavours (apple always available)


Fococcia (plain or dressed)

Current Donut Flavours: Plain, Chocolate, Banana (optional toppings cinnamon icing sugar, chocolate icing sugar, vanilla icing sugar chocolate glaze or vanilla glaze                 [Current Spring options: Carrot, Coconut, Lemon Poppy seed & blueberry]

 Seasonal Items

Braided Wreath $12   Large loaf $10     Regular loaf $8    Small loaf $6    Baguette $7

 Regular Rolls $4 for 6    Bread Sticks: $8 for 10   Bread sticks $5 pack of 6

Fall / Thanksgiving

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Challah*

Cranberry & Savoury Stuffing


Gingerbread Spice Swirl



Bara Brith



Easter Bread

Hot Cross Buns

Cornish Saffron buns (available with & without raisins)

Bunny Rolls

 Whites, Whole Wheats, Multi-grains & Ryes

Large loaf $8     Regular loaf $6    Small loaf $5     Baguette $6

 Braided  Wreath$12   Large Braid $10    Medium braid $8   Small braid $7    

Rolls    - Large 6 for $4     regular 6 for $3   small soup 12 for $4

Sliders 12 for $4    Hamburger or Hotdog 6 for $4

 Sausage or Kaisers 6 for $6    Sub rolls 4 for $7

English Muffins $5 pack of 6   Bread sticks $6 pack of 10    Bread sticks $4 pack of 6

White Breads

Sweet Bres Signature White

House White (No Dairy or egg)


Eggless Challah

Honey Challah

Plain White

Whole wheat & Multigrain

House Whole Wheat*          (*No Dairy or egg) 

 Maritime Brown Bread

Hint of Honey

7 Grain

Maritime English Muffin

Plain Whole Wheat


Limpa (Swedish)

Cracked Rye

Bohemian Black Bread


Finnish Ruis (this takes 6 days to make)

Bread of the Week Club (BOTW/CSB)

One session = 12-week Subscription paid upfront.

Choose from:

$55 - Small item size only.  (1 loave per week.  Also includes additional items occasionally.  Includes both traditional breads & specialty items)

$85 - Only White, Whole wheat &/or Multigrain [1-2 large/regular loave/items per week].  Large or regular is dependent on the bread being made, some items do not come as a large size.  (Includes additional items occasionally).

$150 - Baker's Variety (1-2 large/regular/rolls/other item per week - Combination of plain & specialty breads, rolls & other items. Including plain, sweet &/or savoury items, off menu items. retired menu items, & new products that have not made it onto the menu yet.  (Will include additional bonus items)


$50 per extra loave added to subscription.  (I.e. If you add 1 additional item per week you would receive a minimum of 2 items per week)

$75 Receive two deliveries per week (receive ~1 item Monday & ~1 item Friday)

$40 - Make all the breads in your subscription specialty breads & items (this includes snowflakes, strudels, specialty rolls, bread sticks & other pastries).

Start whenever you like, your subscription does not have to be 12 consecutive weeks, you can skip what weeks you need/want to or put your subscription on hold at anytime.  Your weeks will not be lost.  If you wish to transfer the remainder of your subscription to someone else, we can also arrange to do that.  If for any reason I am unable to do an order/delivery/week, the following week you will find a little something extra in your delivery, and the "lost" weeks will be added to the end of the subscription.  I do my very best not to miss a week, however I suffer from severe chronic migraines which do put me "out of commission" from time to time.

 Interested in Ordering, have other questions?

Contact me at shelley@sweetbres.casweetbres@gmail.com or text 9-0-2-four-four-eight-six-1-two-7 for more information.